The U.S. Cavalry during the Indian Wars

"...they were there to serve and protect the western movement of settlers. Artist Frank McCarthy has recreated the action of the the U.S. Army's cavalry and it's attempts at a seemingly impossible task patrolling the plains, the mountains, and the deserts. Their contribution was critical to the conquest of an untamed land. ..."


..."Before the Charge"

..."With Pistols Drawn"

..."Patrol at Broken Finger"

..."Retreat to Higher Ground"
Custer's troops heading to higher ground to make their fatal last stand.

..."Charge of the Buffalo Soldiers"
Many of the freed African American slaves of the South enlisted to earn a living. They were called Buffalo Soldiers by the Native Americans because of they saw a resemblance between the black soldier's hair and the buffalo's shaggy coat.


Serving for less than a dollar a day, many of these soldiers were Civil War veterans, many from the Confederacy. Qualifications were good health and comfort with firearms. Many immigrants were also enlisting as their only means of surviving in the new land.



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