“a fiery horse with the speed of light ......Out of the past come the thundering hoofbeats of the great horse silver”

The Reining Competition

[The leap]

One of the most popular horse/rider competitions is the Reining class out of the Old West. A true tribute to the western saddle bred horses of the past!

Giving direction to the horse with reins, legs and seat positon, A rider must take his horse through a pattern of figure eights and circles with changes from a slow gallop to a fast gallop, right spins, left spins, and the crowd favorite of the sliding stops.

The horse must be well trained since changing circular direction requires switching the the lead hoof of the gallop from right hoof to left hoof (and vice versa) with precise timing so as not to break the gait and then also transitioning from slow to fast gallop to slow again without missing a step. The ideal spins will have the horse planting one rear hoof as a pivot and then starting and stopping to face an exact desired direction.

Enjoy the video below of a young woman winning a free style version of "reining" with a magnificent display of horsemanship. What is a true display of the bond between her horse and herself is that she does the entire routine after REMOVING THE BRIDLE AND REINS from her mount before she enters the arena!

All of her commands and direction to her horse are now done solely by pressure from her knees and legs and her shifting ever so slightly in the saddle for the horse to sense and interpret what to do next. She has won six "Reining" competitions so far going without bridle and reins!!!

The rider is Stacy Westfall and her horse in this video is Can-Can Lena .....Enjoy.

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