The Masked Man

"...the daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains led the fight for law and order in the early western United States."


"Clayton Moore transcended the Lone Ranger role. He threw himself into the part, he nourished the character, and he lived the values the Ranger stood for: he didn't just play the part, he was the Lone Ranger.

Clayton took us along for a fabulous ride and in the process he enriched all our lives.

On the silver screen Clayton Moore left a legacy of a pure western fantasy, more interested in entertainment and family values than realism. As children of a more innocent time we never questioned what we saw, we accepted and we believed.

Clayton is in another place now. Roy Rogers and Gene Autry were the welcoming committee waiting in the clouds above Vasquez Rocks. They made sure Silver was also waiting in his finest tack along with Trigger and Champion. After the handshakes and the hugs, the three Cowboys mounted up and rode off to join the ever growing group of our western heroes on that great roundup in heaven"

{from a letter written by Leo Pando/appearing in American Cowboy magazine}


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